Bandung Weather, When to Go and Climate Information

Even though you can also be more utilized to nations having four very distinctive seasons, at Bandung Weather and during Indonesia there indeed are only two – the dry and wet season. The weather in Bandung remains hot through the year, though between October and Apr, the weather is often moist, with torrential rains and more than the occasional tropical storms. Even though a holiday throughout the wet season of Bandung is entirely feasible, because you may still find many sunny and dry days to enjoy, vacation makers generally cover a visit to the island of Java in the rainy season, between May and September.

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From June to Sept, the weather is at its driest and climate. It’s reasonably possible that you will not even encounter much higher than a brief shower or two if you arrive at this time of the year. SEASONAL CLIMATE VARIATIONS / WHEN TO GO. Because of its relative altitude, Bandung does inclined to boast in a slightly colder climate when compared with other towns in Indonesia, with elevated levels of humidity. But that said, daytime temperatures seldom stray far from 30°, C / / 86°, F and by day, are inclined to easily top 20°, C / 68°, F, that your clothes should always be mild.